Whether we are working to promote parkour in local communities or whether we spread parkour in the world are our core values ​​is to present parkour in a health-promoting way.

We have no illusions about being able to solve all the challenges that we see in our community, but we believe that we can through involvement and collaboration can create something meaningful and useful

We can help create a stronger social structure from the INside OUT by working together with local residents and organizations working in different parts of the world.


To display passion coherent to our vision, we locate and set-up a local team put together by resourceful parkour enthusiasts and role models living in the city.

We help and support the local team, arrange and promote INSPIRE INside OUT Gathering, as give them all the information needed to set up collaborations with Local NGO’s and youth organizations.

We also create a strong collaboration between the local team and the local organizations they’ll get an insight of what it is the organizations true need in relation to supplies as well as participations in activities. It also opens up a direct connection to the youth taking part in the workshops.

We ask the participants, kids and teens, who most likely don’t have anything of value other than themselves, to request for supplies or sign up for activities arranged by a local organization.

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“I think that one of the really fascinating things about parkour is, how the physical movements, the gracefulness of them and the level of how coherent and precise they need to be, are awesome contrasts to the somewhat “stiff” and dull movements in a predictable street environment.

The benefits from practising parkour are countless. Besides toning your body, you develop your flexibility and you gain strength. Parkour is perfect if you wish to develop your motion skills and at the same time get closer to yourself.

It’s a sport that focuses on approaching a more wholesome life alongside growing on a personal level.”

Lisanne Kotkiewicz


The project of a Danish insurance company that was working with schools around the country.

The goal with the project was to stem the vandalism of schools, which was costing them obscene amounts of money. They were looking to address the issue by introducing a new social trend in the schools, to make it uncool to deface the school grounds, and StreeteXpression was tasked with figuring how to do so.

Our solution was to present parkour in such a way that the students started to interpret everything in the schoolyard as a tool for practice. INSPIRE team challenged the students to figure out various ways to use the benches, the corners, the stairs and other areas of the school grounds for practice. This made them perceive space in a different way and ultimately think twice about smashing bottles and burning the bleachers, because if their activity space was littered with trash or smeared in grease, they could no longer be used for training.