New jam concept that brings passion for expression-arts in a meaningful direction.
By being useful you become strong.

We create a stronger social structure from the inside out by uniting different groups together to spread parkour core values to the society.

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We are all exposed to challenges in our everyday life, that are more difficult to handle than others.

Sometimes we just do not have the perfect answer or solution to a problem and the frustration of this we have to deal with and accept.

These challenges may be disease, conflict or a life crisis and are all normal parts of life. All the psychological defenses like rationalizations, denials and suppressions that we use to deal with these challenges are anchored in the body and preventing us from living to our fullest.

But even though a challenge may seem impossible to meet, we can choose to meet it in a different way and use it as a lesson for dealing with similar situations ahead of us.


Mindfulness means maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness and acceptance of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and surrounding environment.

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From play to profit – StreeteXpression also offers groups workshops especially cut out for companies.

When teaching we practice therapeutic games and activities that cover self-esteem issues, communication skills, adressing stress or anxiety issues, self discovery, team building, coping skills and anger management.

We bring your employees together in a fun and different way bringing play and exercise into the business culture ultimately strengthening your company’s level of creativity.


Street eXpression brings new inspiration to parkour training, adding different innovative tools based on recognition, cognitive approach and concept of mindfulness.

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