Disaster Rescue Program (DRP)

How would you REALLY enjoy spending your life?

Inspirational courses to express yourself.
Include your name in the history.
Be better version in yourself.
Do more than just exist

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Meet your coaches

Daniel Ilabaca

History, philosophy and approach.
The many directions and understandings of Parkour.

Natalia Ivanova

The appreciative and humanistic approach.
Inclusion, organization and community.

The Participants is provided with a:

  • Personal development through parkour
  • Tips and tricks for developing their skills within Parkour
  • A stronger sense of belonging
  • Tools to make a difference by small actions
  • Stronger sense of self worth and responsibility through positive actions

Organisations is provided with a

  • Knowledge in how to arrange events
  • Network and connections
  • Tools to set up local chapters and events
  • Tools to develop as a role model