When the body and the mind becomes one

Everyone has a PASSION

JOY is a tool in the mindset of creativity
CREATIVITY is a basis for empowerment
EMPOWERMENT creates room for personal development
DEVELOPMENT is the goal of the INSPIRE INside OUT
INSPIRE INside OUT brings all into LIFE and PLAY.


INSPRE teamet teaches the discipline, Parkour from the concept that our body and mind should be thought of as a single integrated unit. By using mindfulness in combination with Parkour, we create an approach to the conventional limits of psycho-therapy and development of the mind’s state.

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INside OUT Jam

New jam concept that brings passion for expression-arts in a meaningful direction.
By being useful you become strong.

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We can help create a stronger social structure from the inside out by working together with local residents and organizations working in different parts of the world.

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Disaster Rescue Program is for training and development of the fire volunteer brigades, police law enforcement and other local disaster risk management groups.

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Our methods and theories when teaching and practising parkour differs from most other sports, in the sense that it has no technical winners or set of rules in it.

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The success of Street eXpression various projects has spread through word of mouth to the extent that Street X is typically working five to ten different projects

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The whole world is my home and together with those who share this mindset I know we can create something GREAT! Contact us today

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We are all great in our own way which makes us unique.. We just have to help others to realize their own uniqueness and spread the love and blessings we have from the Lord.
Lyca Marie Recio , Participant. INSPRE INside OUT Gathering 2015
It was a very good day with you guys .. So I am here just to thanks each and everyone of you for being so friendly. I learned a lot from you guys and donating a kilo of rice Is worth It.
JZ Mercado De Leon, Participant from INSPIRE INside OUT gathering 2015
Uniting youth to inspire not just to do parkour but to try all new things and to apply those things to help the whole community to make a change.
Lyca Marie Recio, Participant from INSPIRE INside OUT gathering
Don't put a description on what you do. It'll only put yourself into a box. Be more. A world is full of never ending learning so stopping is not an option. Get out of the box
I enjoy doing Parkour/Freerunning and also having a Capoeira/Tricking session with you guys.. More power to you guys and Live Free And Run hard
Change starts on one's self. A simple act of random kindness can make an impact on others.
May God bless your INSPRE team and all of the people you inspired along the way.